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Ingenious Kids Expert Assistance

Assembling your own furniture is something only a child could love. Lugging the heavy, heavy box in from the car is hard enough. Having the cardboard box fall apart on you, on the sidewalk, on the way in to the apartment is just aggravating.

Yes, I was somewhere about two seconds away from having a complete breakdown on the sidewalk in front of my apartment. It was hard staying away from it. But I did, with a little calming influence from Dee. Even got everything in and assembled. Woohoo. Three computers under my desk, semi-organized. I need to take a picture of the setup, it's pretty nice.

And now I'm at work, and the Director (who had Wed-Fri of last week off) is coming back. I'm sure that it's going to be a hell day for me, as I get three days of "feedback" in one.

But he's gone in two and a half weeks. In theory, no replacement could me worse.

I had a little conversation with the VP of Engineering. Told him about a few developments, and that I might stay with the company if I had a position that was going to move my career forward, aka Director. He was interested, had me talk with the CEO just a bit before the CEO had to catch a flight. Dunno what will come out of this.

Now I've got nasty bugs to track down. Joy joy.

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