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So... assuming that the VP puts down on paper what we've talked about, I will have an offer that will lead me to relocating to the Silicon Valley. Target move: 30-60 days from when I accept the letter.

There's a lot to be said for both sides. I really don't like moving. I've been the settle-down-here type for a long time. Moving after just over a year... I don't really like the idea. But, then, my job search in the LA/OC area hasn't hit on all that many bites. I think a lot of places are looking for years and not ability. And my years don't match up. :-/

Unless I wanted to go military & get clearance. Not interested.

I was scared when I moved from Virginia, too. And things worked out. I'll just have to be even more outgoing after we move, and find new friends again. Although I do intend to visit the LA area a few times a year.

Short-term, I'll do the corporate commute until I can finalize the relocation. At least it will be two months, max. Will even have to take Dee up a time or two, so we can go apartment hunting.

So much more to write, but I need to get my work done.

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