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What a Weekend

Now to wrap up all the things I didn't post over the weekend into a weekend summary. ^_^

On Friday evening, Suzy & Maus came down to crash on their way to Saturday events. Traffic was rough on 'em, but they did eventually get here. Maus and I ended up chatting about notebooks (I think he was surprised at the PowerBook price point) and playing some SSX 3. Meanwhile, Suzy & Dee were doing a lot of work in the kitchen making some stuffed celery for Suzy to take with her on Saturday. Around 1:30, I guess it was, Dee felt the need to crash out, so I jumped in and helped Suzy finish off the celery. It was very, very hard to put them on the tray instead of in my mouth!

Saturday morning was an early morning for everyone. Sean and Suzy needed to get out of here around 7am, which combined with the late night, made for frazzled nerves and uncomfortable energy. But things got accomplished, and Suzy and Maus got to where they were going. Dee and I then made a run to Fry's, where I picked up a 4-port KVMP ("peripheral" USB switching, in addition to keyboard, video, and mouse) switch and a 120GB hard drive.

After that, we headed up to Chik-fil-A for lunch. I decided to be a bit adventurous and picked a sweet tea as my drink. Fortunately, the caffiene of the tea had no effect on me, hooray! From there, we ventured to the Apple Store at South Coast Plaza, for Dee to look at iPod "skins". The display on her iPod is getting a little dinged up, so she was looking for something that would protect it. Unfortunately, we found nothing.

As we were leaving the Apple Store, heading back to the car, I checked my phone for the time and noticed a voice mail. Turns out it was from Suzy, and she was asking for a call back. I wasn't sure what was up, but I tried calling back (A LOT) but didn't get ahold of her. Dee and I continued on to our next stop: Mervyn's, to look at purses. Before we went in, Dee suggested I try calling Maus to see if he had heard from Suzy. No contact, but I dropped a message.

Dee found a purse she liked rather quickly. Then I thought I should look at wallets. Whlle heading towards the wallets, Maus returned my call. We chatted briefly, and then I returned to my wallet shopping. Dee had picked out four wallets that she thought I may like while I was on the phone, and she did pick a rather nice one. It's a bit more "square" than the wallets I usually pick, I think the novelty of the shape won me over. After that, Dee detoured through the clothing department, and found a pair of shorts and a pair of Capri pants that she liked. After a quick fitting room check, we made our way to the register and paid for our swag.

The rest of the evening was spent demolishing my computers. Woohoo! Actually, things went a little sour when I tried to move the GeForce 3 card from Dee's old machine (which I was converting to server use) into mine (which previously held a GeForce 2 MX). My system just wasn't stable with the new graphics card. Frell.

Anyway, the evening went on and Suzy got ahold of us. It was good to hear back from her after the message earlier in the day. Turns out she got separated from her phone, and no one told her it had been ringing like crazy! I think, in all, I tried calling her 12 or 15 times!

Sunday morning... This is where it gets good. On Saturday night, the thought of making omeletes crossed my mind, but I really didn't feel up to doing it. Dee reminded me off the omelete idea, and it sounded good. We fired up the Good Eats episode on the TiVo (where did you think we got the idea from?) and followed along. Bacon and cheese omeletes. They turned out wonderfully, even if we only had a really small pan to cook them in. We even had to make a second round of them!

Around 11:30, Suzy called again. Plans were made, and by around 3 o'clock, Dee and I were hanging out with Suzy. We hadn't been able to play any Sims on the GameCube on Friday night, so we took that with us. We all just hung out, chatted, played games, and in the middle I went out and brought Subway back for everyone. It was a nice chillout I think. ^_^

But the evening comes to an end far too early, and I felt the need to hit the road around 9pm. My sleep pattern has been all wonky lately, and I didn't want to drive home sleepy. So Dee and I said our goodbyes, and we headed home. There was a little traffice, but we got home in about an hour fifteen.

Once we were home, I started re-destroying my computers, to take Dee's old desktop as my gaming machine. Even if it has slower RAM and a slower CPU, at least it was mostly stable! My homebuilt desktop just has never felt that stable when I threw games at it. Plus, the homebuilt has an integrated IDE RAID function, which is handy for a server!

I played with the computers until around midnight, when I finally crashed out. And now I'm up, getting ready for work. So much stuff to take care of for the move. But it was a good weekend where I didn't spend much time thinking about that!

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