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The flight to San Jose was uneventful. Ended up having a pleasant conversation with another person in the waiting line for security screening at the airport. I actually passed my "lame-duck Director" Bobby in the line, who offered to let me cut over (ahead a bit) with him, but I passed. I have to spend enough time with him as is (since we're sharing a corporate apartment, yuck), I didn't need to spend my security wait time as well.

Uneventful flight, just worked on a "fill-in-the-squares" puzzle in a magazine I brought with me. Picked up my rental car, and of course Bobby didn't have any reservations. I'm only here through Thursday; Bobby is staying through Friday. This led to Bobby getting a rental car at the counter; fortunately, they did have cars available.

I finally got in to "work" around 11am. Had to unbox all the computer stuff and get things set up. Of course, my computer had died in the course of getting packed up, and my repair attempts were completely unsuccessful. Eventually I got our I.T. guy to give me a new box (woohoo, upgrade!) to get running. Of course, we have no access to all of our files, because something went wrong when they moved the servers. So I left early (5pm) to get checked in at the corporate apartment.

My early opinion of this place is that it sucks. Sure, the furnishings look nice, but the parking is terrible. There are no actual desks, and no TV in my bedroom. (Bobby got here last week and chose the one bedroom which does have a TV. And is bigger. I'm not bitter, am I?)

Anyway, bleh, that's my day. Went for dinner (Happi House Teriyaki) and then stopped for a few groceries. Now I'm just slacking at "home." Wishing I had a kitty cat trying to take over my lap, and all sorts of other things. I don't think I could've done this through December. It just seemed so much better than being without a job.

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