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I Live Everywhere

I now have three separate residential addresses.

Not that I ever intend on getting mail at my temporary "corporate apartment." Heck, I don't even know where the mail room is. Nor do I have a mail key. But I do have keys for the new place at Elan. Did the walk-through this morning, and noticed a few problems (cracked wall by the door, light on the cooktop is out, Heating/AC control panel really poorly attached to wall).

Hopefully they'll be taken care of shortly. Though they didn't ask me to give a permission to enter. Hrm. I need to go by tomorrow anyway to leave a permission to enter for SBC, which should be there on next Tuesday to install the phone service. I doubt they'll even need into the apartment, but better safe than sorry -- and billing hideous amounts for missing an appointment.

Hopefully this time the Sentex system will have room for Dee & I to be added. So we can order take-out, and have friends over without having to run out front. No more stupid parking passes, either.

But it feels like a hotel, just like MVCM did when we first moved in. Not accustomed to living in an apartment with an elevator. Even though I did have an elevator in the dorms in college. I figure I'll be using the stairs a bit more than the elevator when I'm by myself, with little to no stuff to haul around.

Took several pictures of the little issues in the apartment. Need to be sure they get save somewhere for future reference. If not for the lack of Internet (assumed) at the new apartment (there could be some WiFi to tap into), I'd be tempted to spend the night there.

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