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While packing up my trading card collection, I realized that I needed a new box (maybe 2) to hold the cards. So I hopped online and did a quick search (because the one shop I know of flat-out SUCKS) and found a place that I hoped would have what I was looking for: The Creative Play.

Dee & I went there yesterday evening, and I found a new box to hold some cards. I also saw a new set of football cards on the shelf. So I thought I'd get some packs: 5 is what I usually end up doing, so that's what I got. The total came to something and 44 cents.. I go through the change in my pocket... 44 cents EXACTLY. Sometimes, it's like things have flowed together to the one and only outcome.

So Dee and I went to our car, and I opened the cards. In the fourth (of 5) pack I opened, I found a Kevin Jones card. I like the new issues with "Rookie" cards because they feature college players who have just gone pro on cards, usually in their college jersey. So I found a Virginia Tech player, which is exactly what I was hoping for when I bought the packs.

Well, I thought it was funny... :^)

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