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The truck is loaded & gone. Had to head over to O'neil Relocation… - Sam's Journal

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June 10th, 2004

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06:37 pm
The truck is loaded & gone. Had to head over to O'neil Relocation office and give them another credit card authorization because they thing a relay service will be needed in San Jose. Also went and got a hotel room for the night, since our airbed never quite got patched and Dee worries that the kitties might puncture a new one.

We're sitting on the floor in our empty soon-to-be-former apartment, taking advantage of the DSL that we still have. The laptops, DSL modem, and AirPort are travelling in the car, so we're still network-capable.

Dunno how late we'll hang around here tonight though. The kitties are spooked a bit; of course, they were locked in the bathroom while all the stuff was being loaded to the truck. And now Peanut has found my lap, having Dee take a picture to show later.

Truck driver said we'd have our stuff at the new place on Monday morning. They offered to have it on Saturday, but we won't be up there on Saturday, not until the evening anyway.

Not much to do tomorrow. Everything was set up for Saturday. Lots of free time to kill I guess.
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