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Ah, thank heavens for reactive software developers. Just grabbed an… - Sam's Journal

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June 11th, 2004

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10:52 am
Ah, thank heavens for reactive software developers. Just grabbed an update for my Mac LJ client; it had developed the nasty habit of refusing to connect to LJ. Updated, and now things look fine. Good opportunity to add the developer's community for the client (phoenix_lj) to my list of friends.

Slept pretty well last night, even though we crashed out around 10. We got a room at the Super 8 just down the street; I splurged and got the room with the "spa" bathtub, which Dee had a nice soak in last night. A little pricey, but at least it was very relaxing!

We went by Home Depot this morning to get a new... well, I'm not sure what it's called. We had install a Pür water filter (hehehe, accented characters are so easy on Mac keyboards!) on our kitchen faucet, and when I removed it I discovered that we were missing an adapter to put the original aerator back on (both the faucet & the aerator had male threading). We got a new aerator (with female threading) and put that on the faucet. Cleaned up a little, basically picking large litter off the floor.

Not sure what to do now. Maybe try and clean a little... there are some really nasty walls that could use a good scrubbing. All we have left is a few chemicals and some paper towels, so I might give that a shot later.

Also signed up for Speakeasy DSL last night, and got an install date for next Wednesday when I checked this morning. And it includes a Speakeasy dial-up account, so we're set for connectivity.

Now to call SBC & get the old service here disconnected in a few days...
Current Mood: getting stuff done

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