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Viva San Jose!

Checked out of the hotel early yesterday morning and went back to the Costa Mesa apartment for the last time, to wait for the cleaners to arrive. They surprised us by sending a three-person crew, so I had to call the office to get the walk-through moved up a little bit. They complained about needing some touch-up paint (understandable), said they'd waive the cleaning fee (no wonder, we were probably getting them a much better job), and that they would have to replace the carpet, at about $1,000. I think they're just trying to get us to pay what they'll have to do in a few years anyway, so we'll see how it plays out. At the worst, it's only money.

Got everyone loaded into the car and headed on our way. I tried to call Adam when we were nearing Sherman Oaks, realizing that we could stop for lunch. Then Dee and I smelled something terrible, and sure enough it was coming from Munchie's carrier. She had vomitted and crapped in her cage. The previous night I had bought nice, new, soft carrier beds for both of them; we had to throw Munchie's out. Yuck. (Fortunately, there would be no further problems on the trip.)

We arrived here around 5pm yesterday, and went to the leasing office to finish off the lease paperwork. (I had signed on the 2nd, but Dee still needed to sign.)

After much consideration, we decided to spend the night here, hoping that it would help comfort the kitties (instead of leaving them alone while we went to the corporate apartments). Of course, we were gone this morning and someone (Munchie, I believe) left two messes on the floor. Bleh.

Tomorrow morning the stuff should arrive. Need to measure out some things and decide where stuff is going. Hopefully we can find some paper to scratch plans out on, so we remember tomorrow morning as well.

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