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Eventful Day

The movers got here around 9:15am (IIRC), and left around 3:30 pm. Our new apartment is now chuck full o' our stuff.

The "media room"/TV room/poor imitation of a good friend's chill set-up is working out rather well, though we're left with the coffee table again without a good place (yet) to live. But it should work out good.

Called DirecTV early this morning about service change. Seems my existing account is blocked or limited in some way because I had it through a company (Rainbow) that provides the service to an apartment complex. They have to "escalate" the issue and it will take 2 or 3 days until I hear from them about it.

Dee suggested that we sign up for DirecTV under her name, so we can get the new subscriber offers for equipment and install.

After the loaders left, we let the kitties back out of their cages and figured out what we needed from various stores. Some tacks to run phone wires (the jacks were really poorly placed for us). Also picked up some cable ties & a doormat (yay!).

Tracked down a new cordless phone that I had my eye on. Tracked it down at a Circuit City. Well, we knew Fry's had it at one location, but they wanted $30 more (IIRC) for the main station. Plus, we got our mail forwarding confirmations today, and Dee's package included a coupon for 10% at Circuit City for a purchase in a class of products, one of which was phones. Woo!

Stopped at Johnny Rocket's for dinner, and both stuffed ourselves. (For lunch, I had run down to Teriyaki & More to grab something to go for us. That was awesome, it's so convenient!) Our plan had been to run to Safeway for some groceries after dinner, but Dee was feeling too stuffed.

The bedroom is mostly sorted, and I tried the shower. And promptly blew the head off the fixture! It doesn't seem to take the pressure of the water well. Something to get maintenance to look at. Hopefully while they're hear replacing a really really dirty window.

So we're sitting together, on our comfy couch, surfing through dial-up for another day or two. The Speakeasy equipment should be here tomorrow as well, and we shall hopefully be high-speed again soon. But this time with static IP's, which opens up a bit more hosting options for ourselves. Anyway, productive day. Wish I didn't have to go back in to work. Hoping we'll get through most of the stuff tomorrow so that I can relax on Wednesday before going back to work.

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