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Sometimes, it pays to try something stupid. - Sam's Journal

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June 15th, 2004

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10:26 pm - Sometimes, it pays to try something stupid.
UPS didn't deliver my Speakeasy setup package today. They claim an attempted delivery at 6:41 PM, and I was here, but they reported no one was present. Called UPS to ask about that, through phone tag I talked with someone and told them that our access system might not have my name in it yet, and the office closes at 6pm so they might not have had access to the building, but there's a separate way to input that into the system, and they used no one here instead of no access. Weird.

Came home from dinner, put together our second nightstand from IKEA (yup, we went shopping today), and then, just for shits & giggles, thought I'd plug the old DSL modem up to see if it would start getting sync. And it did. Dee: "So we could be online if UPS had delivered the package?"

Decided to try letting the modem sync & try getting connection from the iBook. And it worked. Then set up the Airport, and so the laptops are online with the new DSL, hoorah! Now to speed test it... 1085/617, definitely bearable. I wonder how close to 6.0 we could've gotten had we opted to go that way.
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