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Never Trust Management

In this case, apartment complex management.

Last night UPS failed to deliver a package because we weren't in the callbox system ("sentex" is what they call it), so the delivery person couldn't get into the building. I called the office this morning to complain, and the person who I talked with (and whose name I should have written down, but didn't) said they would call me when I was in the system. A while later, I got a call that I was in the system.

Dee and I went out tonight for dinner, to go buy more stuff at IKEA (including stuff that needs to be delivered due to the meager cargo capacity of my car), and we ended up buying stuff at Fry's as well (what a shock).

When we got home, Dee reminded me to check the sentex. And we still aren't on it. Damn dirty lying management! Tomorrow I have to call and complain, again. And we have to be on there by Friday, so that the IKEA delivery can get access to the building. Feh.

Oh, Fry's was fun too. I had thought about putting tonight's purchase on my Fry's Card, only to find out that they don't accept that at the cash registers. This confuses me to no end. I need to call and just close the account, if I can't use it when I shop there. Really really confusing. They said I had to apply for financing to use the card... but I have a credit limit and account, so why do I have to apply again? It boggles the mind.

Oh, the Fry's purchases? We got a little TV for the bedroom, and a DVD player as well. When we get DirecTV installed, we'll have a receiver in the bedroom & (hopefully) a DirecTiVo in the media room. And our old TiVo will go in the bedroom as well, at least to start.

Sorta worried about having the DirecTV installation done. Have to finish a little paperwork with the apartment complex before we can install a dish, and the person who has to OK the paperwork (Mark) won't be back in until Friday. However, Mark is the person we talked with when we set up this apartment, and he is the only person with Elan who had been truthful & followed through on every promise (even if he did leave a message on the wrong phone number, LOL).

Accomplishments for the day: Computers set up, new Speakeasy DSL modem installed (even though my old one was working, I want to use theirs, just in case it enables any additional monitoring or troubleshooting functions--yeah right). Some rearranging, removal of packing materials, and new TV/DVD setup in bedroom.

Hopefully they'll come to fix our now-really-in-need-of-repair window tomorrow. I noted on the move-in inspection that the window was terribly dirty. So they arranged to have the glass replaced. Okay, but then on Tuesday they came, realized they had mis-measured, and CRACKED the glass already in the window. Bleh. They have to come back and fix it eventually, and if it's not by Friday I will be calling. Sorta worried about the cats getting up in the window, rubbing against the glass, and breaking it completely.

Things are coming together nicely in the pad. Now it's just a lot of boxes to finish unpacking. The IKEA purchase includes some new bookshelves, which we need to unpack some of the boxes. (Since the Costa Mesa apartment had some built-in bookshelves, we are lacking in book storage space now.)

Hopefully Dee can stay away from City of Heroes for a little while tomorrow & get a few boxes unpacked.

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