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Got a few things taken care of today.

First, called DirecTV early in the morning to talk about our account situation. I had called on Sunday (or Monday) and asked about moving my service. They said they couldn't help because my account was some special type, and that someone would call in 24-48 hours to change my account. Well, on Friday morning -- still no call. So I call, and ask about moving. They said that my account was still blocked, and they'd have to get someone to get in touch with me. I told them to transfer me to whoever could close my account. Next person on the line, asking why I wanted to close my account -- and I told them that this was bullshit. I don't care what they have to do, they didn't get back to me and I'm not going to put up with it... I'd rather deal with cable!

Then they asked if I could hold for a minute. They come back on the line, and my account type has been fixed. Take my information for Mover's Connection + new receivers (1 regular, 1 DirecTiVo), and schedule install for next Tuesday morning. Amazing what threatening to take your business away can get for you -- they cave in and become helpful when you threaten to take money away from them... LMAO!

But it was good to get taken care of. As was my address change with the DMV... prepped and sent out this morn. Stopped by UPS on the way to work to drop of my old DirecTV receiver, going back to Rainbow Satellite. Felt good to get it done.

When I got to work, I found out that I had two expense checks waiting for me, for my commute expenses and second set of relocation expenses (including the moving service fee). Lotsa money make my checking account haaaaaa-py, but it will be shortlived as those credit bills come due. Ahhh, finance. I wish I could Enron myself a few billion dollars -- go build a dream home wherever I want. Nnnnnnnneway.

Came home at lunch to go to the management office and finish up the Satellite Addendumto the lease. Just permission for me to have the install done, which meant turning in a certificate of renter's insurance. And had lunch with Dee.

After work, Dee and I went out for dinner, stopped at Safeway on the way home, and then assembled three small IKEA bookcases for the media closet. Just the cheap white stuff, but it makes that place feel like a little custom-made media storage center.

So now I'm just chillin' a bit, and letting you know that I had a real kick-ass day. :-) And I hope you had good days too, friends!

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