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Yesterday was interesting. I wore a Virginia Tech t-shirt and ended up at an Apple Store. A gentleman at the checkout made a comment about it, and I was able to tell him a lot about VT. The conversation kept going for a while, and then I wanted to move on, and he followed me back to the food court for a drink, and then to Brookstone (which really was just across from the Apple Store). We traded e-mail addresses. Sorta odd-creepy in that he hung around so much, but then also he told us a lot about stuff around the area. Weird.

Oh, and I set one of my webcams back up, at least for the time being:
A View Out Our Apartment's Window

Just for the time being, in that right now it's running off of my desktop, and I might forget to turn it on, or the computer might get turned off. If I can find a way to run two independent cams from one system, I might take my old 300MHz K6 and make it a webcam server. LOL. (I love static IPs & DNS. Upgraded our package at DreamHost so we can do our own DNS entries -- they had already been the DNS host for our domain.)

One IKEA bookshelf left to put together. I think I surprised Dee & myself by getting two of the three tall ones together this morning.

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