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Fouling things up yet again - Sam's Journal

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June 22nd, 2004

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12:25 pm - Fouling things up yet again
Last night I went on a crazy search for a tripod on which the DirecTV dish could be installed. Left from work to try a Radio Shack in the Great Mall. They redirected me to Fry's, which is basically where work is. They had a base, but no pole; sent back to Home Depot, which is back at the Great Mall. Didn't find a pole.

So Dee tells me the installer came today, didn't have a pole, and rescheduled for Thursday morning. We still have to find a pole.

I should just give up and call Comcast. I don't want to, but I want to have my TiVo hooked up again. I want this place to be home, but there are still tons of boxes to unpack, mostly because I haven't done squat other than put the computers & entertainment center back together.

Current Mood: depresseddepressed

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