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DirecTV Install, Take Two - Sam's Journal

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June 23rd, 2004

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11:06 pm - DirecTV Install, Take Two
We found a pole for the DirecTV install yesterday. We ended up taking a 20 mile trip to Lowe's, which had pipe and offered pipecutting service to take the 10' length to the 4' length we needed. I have the 6' remainder as well, so if 4' is too short we can try again. The 4' length looks reasonable though, perhaps a little on the tall side even.

I'm left wondering how to make friends. There's one person who used to be an admin at Z-force who left the company, and has said we could give her a call sometime; I'd like to get the apartment squared away and perhaps see if there's a group we could fit into. Dee has a Stitch & Chat this weekend, so I'm hoping that some of those attendees will be close by & might become friends too. I miss having friends to hang out with, even though it's not even been two weeks yet.

The pile o' boxes is getting small, and might be taken care of soon. Dee has been doing great going through all of them. I just want things to get settled, as much as possible. Then I can start talking with out-of-towners about when they might want to come & see the new pad. ^_^ The new TV room/guest bedroom should be awesome, even if we currently have one coffee table that doesn't quite have a home.
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