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Update Overdue

The DirecTV installed went off terribly. The pole was wrong, but this installer worked with me to rig something up. One DirecTiVo in the TV room (with dual hookups!) and a standard receiver in the bedroom (which will eventually get hooked up to the old TiVo). I had to tack the wires down myself ("no holes" in the agreement makes the installer unable to tack wires down), but he was more than happy to provide me with a ton of tacks to do it with.

Had to get some extra-thin RG6 wires (Monster Cable was the only ones we could find) so that the wires can squeeze through the sliding door even when shut. But at least the door shuts, very close call.

Work is work. Major development decision coming tomorrow. This will either cement me in as the lead designer for the product, or we'll be re-designing significant parts of the product and I'll probably end up low on the ladder. Not sure what I'll do in that second case. Other than have a lot to think about.

Spent a lot of Saturday taking Dee to a sticher's get-together. Didn't do much on Sunday. I need to get off my lazy bum and start trying to meet some new friends. I guess I'd like to get the apartment put away, so that I could invite people over.

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