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Big Company Decision - Sam's Journal

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June 29th, 2004

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06:40 pm - Big Company Decision
We have a development framework, called Dragon, which has been in place at Z-force since the early days. Most... okay, all of the recent hires hate it, and had been working on a proposal to rewrite portions of the system to remove Dragon. Today was the decision. Dragon is staying.

This cements my role, at least for the next 6 months, as the lead designer for the system. So it seems I am going to have the "career growth" I moved here for. It's intimidating.

Even worse, UPS seems to be fucking up for the second day straight. They have a package Dee ordered (with stuff for me!). It went out for delivery yesterday, but no delivery attempt was made. It's out for delivery again today, and we still haven't heard from them yet. Dee called earlier, and they said to give them until 7pm.

Stupid UPS. They messed up the Speakeasy delivery too, but then that's because they tried to get here between 6pm and 7pm, when the office was closed and we weren't on the callbox. I've never seen UPS deliver after 5pm before. Are the drivers overloaded, or is the driver for our route just a slacker? The world will probably never know...
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