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If everyone worked part-time as a police officer, would crime come to an end?

I doubt it. It always seems like there's some officer somewhere who's on the grey side of the law -- and this is when only those who want to be a law enforcer are doing it. Just imagine if everyone had to do it...

Would doing it reduce the amount of crime? There would be some amount of crime avoided, simply by giving everyone a minimal "officer salary" -- but this isn't really due to the number of officers, but due to people having more money to get by on.

Part of me wonders, if adding police officers can't completely eliminate crime, why is the immediate answer to "there is too much crime" always "we need more police officers!"? Maybe it should be "we need more job training programs, so people can earn enough to live on, and to take care of themselves" or "we need more public works programs, so people can earn enough to live on" or "we need more public assistance programs, so people can have enough food to live on."

I only think police are useful for bringing lawbreakers to justice; how often do you hear "fatal accident avoided by police intervention" or "bank robbery prevented by police intervention"? I don't think we want a nation without police, for then everyone could get away with everything. But there are many "crimes" that are worthless. Riding a motorcycle without a helmet? Allowing a child to ride a bicycle without a helmet? When did we start to live in a nanny state?

Certainly I will be listening to the Presidential candidates to see what they think on this issue. Everyone needs to think about what is important to them... and then vote for the candidates that you think will bring about change. Strengthening copyright protection for the music industry, I could care less. Ending the "war on drugs" as is and putting that money to an actual useful civic program? Very important.

*end soapbox*

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