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I Always Update The Day After

Dee left on Saturday to attend her family's annual picnic (which was on Sunday) in OC. Her return flight was scheduled to arrive in Oakland around 9pm. So, I think it was around 4pm, I decided to go explore the Metreon in downtown San Francisco -- since it was located "just a few blocks" from a BART station. I still had to drive to get to a BART station -- it doesn't extend to San Jose yet.

I drove up the 880 for a while, knowing that there was a station behind the Network Associates Coliseum, which was close to the airport. But as I was driving up 880, I saw a sign for a BART station before that, so I exited and ended up finding the Hayward station. After I got a fare card and got to the platform, I realized I had forgotten my cell phone in the car. I went back out to get it, and the gate system charged me max fare ($4.40)! After I retrieved my cell phone, I asked the attendant, and they could do nothing about getting that back, but they did give me a $3.00 fare card. Better a little back than nothing, I guess.

So then I went back up to the platform, just in time to get on a train headed to Richmond. (I would find out later that there are no direct trains from Fremont/Hayward to San Francisco on Sundays.) I figured if I got a few stations up, then there'd be another train running the route at well, reducing my wait to get going, so I transferred at Lake Merrit Station.

Got off at the Powell St. Station, and arrived right into downtown. Electric bus service is nice -- no loud noise when buses start moving. Several panhandlers, and a few singers/musicians along the street as well.

Found the Apple Store, and looked around in there. They have a glass staircase to go upstairs, but I found it much easier to go up those stairs than down. Everything was downstairs except Software, the presentation area, and the Genius Bar. No Airport Express units in stock -- the one thing I would've been willing to carry around with me. :^)

Found Metreon after that -- it was one street back from where I was expecting... I don't know if I came out of the wrong exit of the station or what. But I found it. Sorta underwhelming, when all is said and done. Got some lunch in the food court, which was pretty good, and looked through a lot of the shops. They have a PlayStation store which sells the Blue, Yellow, and White Limited Edition PS2 consoles ($199.99), a lot of PlayStation logo merchandise (clothing), and -- of course -- games. Other stores I recall are the SonyStyle store, Things From Another World, and Portal 1 -- an arcade.

Played some DDR, and completely wore myself out in the process. But it was fun -- even if I don't draw a crowd like some DDR players do. Which is good, because it means less stress in playing, and easier to recover from missteps. But I need to exercise more!

Headed out from the Metreon around 7:15pm, headed back to Hayward, and while standing in the Powell St. station I heard the announcement "No direct trains to Fremont or Richmond on Sundays -- Take a train to Pittsburg/Bay Point or Dublin/Pleasanton and transfer onto the Richmond-Fremont line." Heh.

Ended up back at the car, and drove to the airport. Right as I was getting onto the airport property, Dee called to tell me they were on the ground. So I looped the Airport once -- noticing the "Park & Call" Lot a little too late to get over to it, and I pulled in on the second pass. Dee called when she was outside ready for pickup, I pulled out, looped around, picked her up, and left!

We stopped at an In & Out on the way back to get her some dinner, but then we came home and I basically crashed immediately. Well... I was going to watch TV, but then Dee offered a back rub. I bet everyone knows what won out... ^_^

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