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Ain't Nothin' Like the Last Minute, Baby!

For those of you who also read Dee's journal, it's not new news, but here it is anyway: We're going to Vegas August 6-8th. Leaving Friday night, and coming back Monday morning the 9th, so that Dee can meet one of her favorite cross stitch designers. Not sure what else we may do, but we are getting a suite, for two purposes:

(1) We can invite Dee's friends to our room to hang out, if wanted.

(2) We have crashing space in the astronomically unlikely event that anyone else can meet us there. ^_^

No rental car this time; just going to use taxis and such if we want to move around. Hopefully it will be fun. Hopefully I won't be asked to start working Saturdays before then. If they do, at least now I can say it's already planned.

So... weekend home, weekend away, weekend home, weekend visitor coming up. Wow!

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