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Some Work Stuff. - Sam's Journal

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July 30th, 2004

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08:30 am - Some Work Stuff.
Now that I'm a "technical lead" at work, I get to participate in a weekly meeting on Wednesdays about the project status. Attendance: the other tech lead, all the directors, VP of Engineering, CTO, and CEO. Normally this is at 9am on Wednesdays, which sucks; however, due to a CEO conflict it was pushed ot 11am this week.

However, all did not go well. When the VP of Engineering tells your director to "get it together" and storms out of the room, it's never a good sign. When someone who had worked with the VP of Engineering before (and is another Director in the company) says, "Wow, in over five years of working with him, I have never seen that," it's not a good sign.

What's the big problem? That we don't have estimated dates for milestones. Sometimes I really really really hate "management". Oh, and the VP of Engineering also thinks we need to work a 6-day week. I'm not sure if the two are connected.

Not much else has been going on this week. It's been a pretty quiet "recover from the con" week, though I have two people to call tonight & see about meeting them (and possibly some of their friends) this weekend. I enjoy hanging out with friends, and right now I have none. (Coworkers, yes, but none in the friend category.)

Bah, and now I have to go to work. At least it's Friday.
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