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I'll start with work today, since it's as good a starting point as anything. I'm getting annoyed with some of the "design work" that people are doing. It's not the work itself, but dealing with the people doing it. They all want to call me the "subject matter expert" but they ignore so much of what I tell them. If I'm right, they will pay the price in the end.

But it makes it hard to get excited about work. Not being excited makes it hard to keep focus. Not having focus makes it hard to get stuff done. Bleh.

I'm going through my typical cycle again. Right now I don't understand why anything is important at all. I just feel like everything is pointless. I'm going through the same little stupid stuff over and over and over. I wonder how much of it is from the fact that I haven't built any friendships up here yet. Sometimes I think I'd just as well skip it, because I think that I really do want to move back to L.A. as soon as my commitment to the start-up is over. Not due to the start-up, but due to the location of my friends.

Could I find friends like I had in SoCal up here? Heck, I didn't think I would ever find friends like in SoCal, so it's possible, right?

In a way, things have changed for me but they haven't changed at all. I still can't seem to break out of my shell.

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