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I Hate SBC

Dee got a call at home from "SBC Collections" about a past-due balance on the phone bill. But we haven't received a phone bill. Deciding that sticking my head in the sand on this would be bad (bad being resulting in loss of DSL connection), I thought I should call SBC and figure out what was going on. I had a lot of problems in the past with Cingular (an SBC company) not putting apartment numbers on bills, so off I went through the automated call system.

My first call got ramrodded into a "make a payment" system that had no escape. So I hung up and called back. This time they system encountered a problem and had to drop me to an operator. Who passed me to another operator. Who passed me to a third person, who looked at my account and... no apartment number listed on the billing address, but plain-as-day there on the service address. They claim they fixed the billing address and that the bill will be re-sent for my records, but it's not actually past due until the 5th. Of August. So if I made a credit card payment today, there wouldn't be any late charges to deal with.

Sure, why not, it's got to get paid. So transfer to a 4th person, while I clicky-clicky online to get a one-time use card number. Bill paid. Woo. Why does this not feel like a victory?

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