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Vegas isn't much fun by yourself...

We got checked in around 11pm last night, and Dee started to crash in the room. I thought I'd go check out the "lounge" for her get-together, and sure enough there were a ton of people there stitching. So I came back, told Dee about it, and she went up to join them.

I didn't really know what to do with myself, so I decided to check out the bar in the hotel (Gilley's), which features "bikini bull riding" on Friday and Saturday at midnight.

Of course, if you arrive after 10pm, there's a $10 cover for guys. I saw two ladies go in ahead of me, and they didn't ask them for the cover. Obviously they know why guys show up late to the bar.

Decided to try a Corona, and it wasn't that bad. So I basically stuck with those for the evening.

The "midnight" bull riding started way after midnight, of course. But there were occasional people going up and trying the mechanical bull. The guys got no mercy, and everyone -- even the person who works there -- kept getting the thing turned up until they were thrown.

The ladies that tried? Of course it was left on the lowest possible setting. What a shock, hehehe.

Memorable rider before the bikinis: some girl in a rather short dress got on the bull, and of course it made her dress ride up so you could clearly see her g-string, front and back. And as soon as she got off the bull, she jumped up on a guy, so I figure she had some more riding that evening, heh.

The "bikini bull riding" was more of a "strip bull riding". They handed out score cards (0-10) to four people in the audience. After each contestant, they put a score up. Only three contestants. Entertaining, but just being surrounded by groups of people, it just made me feel that much more separated.

Ended up wandering out a little after 1am, then walked down the strip to Treasure Island, just to look around. They have a nightclub called Tangerine, which is visible from the strip. Of course there was a hideous line, and I probably don't even want to know what the cover was. And again, I could always see groups of people.

So I wandered back to the New Frontier (where we are staying), and got a text from Dee on the way saying she was heading back to the room. So I returned it, letting her know I was doing it as well.

Today, I don't know what I'm going to do. There are a few stitchers who have husbands and/or kids here, but I don't have any connections or know any of them. Dee seems really to not want to help out in getting any connections started, so all I have is a cell phone number for one husband, which I'm not going to call.

So I'm left wondering what to do today. The best I can think of is going to the Star Trek Experience, though what I really want to do is just lay around the room and cry. I hope Dee's having a lot of fun, and I just keep reminding myself that she is the reason we came. She asks what I want to do, and I tell her that I would like her to call/talk to the one person she knew before here, who has a husband and kids here. That's the phone number I have. But I've never met them.

So it's the default... hook the computer up, use dial-up, and do something online.

Dinner with "the group" tonight at 5pm, so (maybe) I can get introduced to some people and have something to do tonight.

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