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Stupid Credit Card Company

So a while back, I got a call from one of my credit card companies, asking about some transactions on my account. They didnt' seem right to me, so that account got closed & new cards were issued. We got those on Friday, before we left for Vegas. I wanted to log in to my account and check things out, but my old user ID is locked. Tried signing back up for access with my new card, but my user ID isn't being accepted.

Thought I'd call customer service, and ask about it. They claim they can't do anything, and that the old user ID will remain locked "forever." A new card I can deal with, because I just hand the card when I use it. I hate having to change my user ID though, because it's so hard to remember all of them, and now I'm going to have to remember that it changed. Which sucks.

But, then, I bet there is no company in the world that provides the service I'd hope for. Does that mean I aim to high, or that the companies really suck?

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