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This morning was just... uhh, I don't really want to think about it. But I feel I should talk about it.

Before we went to bed last night, Dee mentioned having breakfast with the people from her cross-stitch group in the morning, and that they would call around 8:30 am. So we were up, but we didn't get a call. (This is where communication started breaking down for me.)

She said something about just going down to the restaurant, and we did. But there was no one there that I could see. (Dee just sat outside and let me run in to look.) I think both of us wanted the other to pick, so we ended up just sitting there and I started getting frustrated. In the end, we came back to the room, and things really fell apart for a bit. In the end, things sorta worked out, and we headed out to run around for the day.

I had let my mind wander to going to a show today, but Dee didn't seem interested. It sorta bugged me at the moment, but fortunately my mind wandered away from that--in other words, I had something to drink. ;-)

Did we win much? Nothing that lasted long-term. I think we would've done better if I hadn't gambled at all and just let Dee play. She has the magic touch!

Flight leaves LV around 6 in the morning, so the alarm is set for 3:30. Part of me wished I had partied all night on Friday & Saturday; I'd just do it again and sleep on the airplane & at work tomorrow. Oh well, a lesson for next time!

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