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Over at MSN, there is an article about a $120,000 shower designed by TAG Galyean. Amazinly enough, the name has a meaning to me, and sure enough, TAG Galyean is based in Lewisurg, WV.

Why do I remember TAG Galyean? Cars.

The first car I drove, which was still my parent's car, was purchased from TAG Galyean Chevrolet in Charleston, WV. This won't make a lot of sense for you California people, but everywhere else I've been, most dealers add a dealer logo on the back of the cars they sell, and the little Chevette I drove had one that said, simply, "TAG". It was much simpler than the tags used by most other dealerships.

Sorta makes sense now, since TAG Galyean is a designer. But... wow. Sometimes the unexpected just hits you upside the head.

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