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Soooooo hard to get out of bed when the alarm went off this morning; I hit snooze once (which I rarely do), and then I slowly got up after that went off. Just feels like I'm dragging this morning; hopefully it'll be a slow day at work and I can recover from the weekend ^_^. Having Suzy up to visit was awesome!

Well there is one thing I want to accomplish at work today: getting September 3rd scheduled as a vacation day for me. We're planning on coming down LA-wards over the Massive Confluence of Birthdays (aka Labor) Day weekend. I have the following Monday off as a company holiday. So if I can get Friday, then I can either drive down Thursday night, or just leave starting Friday morning. The important thing is to get the day off. I'd probably shoot for Tuesday off as well, except that I'm running low on vacation and, silly me, I just feel better knowing that I have a day in the bank.

Time to go to work, and stuff my head full of really really really happy songs. Actually, I've been thinking about re-ordering some computing stuff at home, so I'll probably end up thinking about that at work, instead of actually doing much work. Bad me, eh?

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