December 8th, 1998


One More Day

My technical writing assignment has been out of my hands for over 12 hours now. I have but to wait and see if I'm done with the subject for good. I had hoped that the teacher wouldn't be in their office when I was dropping the paper off; however, I had no such luck. Those type of situations always feel so awkward to me, and I always discover new and amazingly dumb things to say.

At least I didn't insult the teacher. At least, I don't think I insulted them...

I am constantly amazed at the maturity of college students. My roommate constantly puts his assignments off until they're almost due, and even then I think he only works on assignments after midnight. I swear, if he tries to bring anyone into this room tonight while I'm trying to sleep, I will kick them out! Now, I'm nowhere near perfect about getting work done early, but I have rarely needed to work past midnight to get something done. My roommate does it regularly, and I guess that just really irks me.

Then there are the guys across the hall. A bunch of them were watching a 'heartwarming tale of a group of guys and girls trying to run a pizza delivery service.' Of course, this was not on broadcast television or HBO... it was a video. And the heartwarming tale most definitely was NOT rated G. I admit, I've seen that type of video before, and even purchased that type of material. I've just never thought of it as something for a group of guys to huddle into a room to watch together.

I guess I'm feeling very judgemental today. Or at least I think I'm being very judgemental, as I look at this entry. *sigh* 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.' I guess I don't really want people to apply their beliefs and opinions to what I do. I personally like my life as is. (Well, except for this several-hundred-miles-away-from-my-girlfriend part.) I wish someone else had tried to tell me this, I probably would have really liked getting into an argument about that.

I like to think that my beliefs and opinions are generic, simple, and right. Obviously other people probably think the same but hold different opinions than I. Maybe I'll just nicely ask my roommate and his guests to leave if they show up while I'm trying to sleep. It's still a step in the right direction: I usually say absolutely nothing and just toss and turn until I can go to sleep.