April 29th, 1999


A Saturn Crazy

Okay, okay, okay... so I've been REALLY bad lately about writing for my journal. I've been a bit busy... keeping up with Lis's new journal, doing homework, making plans for a few weeks from now, and lots of other stuff. I guess I just haven't felt like writing, though, so the journal has sorta been sitting by the wayside. And the fact that Geocities is doing SOMETHING that's keeping the GeoGuides from working just sorta put me off. I think my journal will be moving after I graduate, probably to the same web provider that Lis moved to. But in other news...

I've become a Saturn crazy. Last Saturday, I went to the nearest dealer (about a 45 minute drive) and looked around. I really liked the experience, and I even took a car out for a test drive. Looking around at Saturn information has become a semi-obsession for me lately. Lis doesn't much care about cars, but she's been tolerating my obsession rather well.

Obsession is about right, too... I had been thinking on spending around $15,000 on a car. That would get a rather reasonable car, true.... but I want one of the little sporty Saturns, with all the trimmings! Current estimated price $19,000 or so. And the fact that I'm going over my 'budget' doesn't bother me at all. I'm just obsessed at the moment. I have about a month until I'd actually go buy the car (or, actually, place an order for the car, since I'd probably want one configured to order), so I have a month to get out of this obsessed state.

Not than a Saturn sedan would be all that bad, but... Heck, I'm 23 years old. I feel like I'm already in my middle age, since I will be going right from school into living with Lis. I feel like my youth is gone... if I ever did have a youth. And so, part of me wants the little sporty car to give me a little youth back. I'd get a Ford Mustang if I thought I could afford that (but it'd be a bit more than the Saturn). Plus, the Saturns just look good to me... there aren't many cars that I think look better than the Saturns. :^) Biased, of course, but that's my opinion.

On the work front, I'm finally down to just one project. Even though it doesn't matter that much: Senior grades were in the mail on Wednesday. I have the grades I need to graduate, and it's almost impossible for professors to lower them. Well, not impossible, but a lot of paperwork. I want to do good on this last project, but for once I don't feel the sense of impending doom as the due date is one week away.

Impending doom can wait for another week or so, as Lis and I rush around to set up our new life together. Getting this out on the journal will come back to haunt me, but I want to have my 'new' journal up at the start of July. I don't know if it'll happen, but maybe Lis will help me make it happen.

Then I just have to hope that Lis will make me be a bit better about keeping up with journal entries!