July 14th, 2001


Mystery, Intrigue, Excitement

Mystery, Intrigue, Excitement: A nerd wants not these things.

Okay, I was sitting here, watching soccer on TV, almost alseep on the couch. Lis makes some noise that something's not right. I hear a lot of water dripping sounds. Not Good.

Get up. Go to the front bathroom. Look inside. Water is coming from the ceiling. Not Good.

Call maintenance. Run upstairs. Ask upstairs neighbor if they're aware of any problems in their front bathroom. Lady who answers door asks guy, who confirms problem. Ah. Tub overflow. Not Good.

Back to my apartment. Lis has answered the callback of the maintenance person. I talk to them. They come by the apartment. Maintenance person didn't think there was anything permanently wrong with anything, but stuff needs to dry out & they'll check in again on Monday.

*sigh* No more Excitement for me, please. I think Lis had a good comment--"This was supposed to happen yesterday, right?"

Heh. Now to do something to forget aobut it.
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