July 18th, 2001



Why am I left to take care of other people's problems? Why do people seem like they can't handle simple things and want me to do it for them? Why?

Okay... strike 1. I'm working on a document at work for a design concept. Several people in the office with me agree with the concept, and think it's a Good Thing (tm). People in another office get wind of it, and want a meeting. Had that meeting this morning, and they were unimpressed with the idea. They claimed they were "the experts," however the meeting decision that another guy and myself need to become "the experts" before we can make the decision. When they held the decision up at first (pre-meeting), they made it sound like they WERE the "experts." ARGH!

Strike 2... Lis called to remind me that the apartement's maintenance guy hadn't been back to the apartment to reassemble the bathroom they disassembled on Saturday. She asked me to call the office to get it done. Oh, I'm here at work. Of course I have time to do that. No reason for you to do it when I can. ARGH!

Strike 3... Another guy at work has been trying to get Access and Word to cooperate in doing some weird import of a report into a document. I've said that I don't know anything about it, but he keeps coming by and asking about things he's finding. Of course, the latest interruption was to tell me that the thing he needed was right there in the menus from the beginning... ARGH!

I need a warning sign before I bite off a cow-orker's head...

Oh yeah... and, of course, I'm taking care of extra projects while people are on vacation. Yesterday we had to decide on how to handle a problem that developed with the work an outside company is doing for us. This morning, I am told that our decision yesterday is cancelled. So right now, I think I'm about to be blamed for a big f-up, because the company already started some work for us and will bill us for the work already done. AAARRRGGGHHH!
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