March 16th, 2002


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Sometimes I just don't know. I'm neutral. I want someone else to decide.

Lis feels similarly. Two people who both want the other to decide.

Are we just mismatched? Do we not pick because we don't want to offend the other? Most of the time, I want her to pick because I want her to be happy.

Or am I afraid that I don't know her well enough, that I'd pick incorrectly and make her unhappy. I don't want to make her unhappy...

Though I do that often enough as is. Her tolerance for "mess" is not as high as mine. And the apartment has a lot of "mess" to it. I think it's less mess than when I was in college... but it might just be that I have more area now and it just seems equal or less...

I made iced tea tonight. Usually I just wait until Lis makes it. But I made some tonight, because (at the time) she said she needed to decide what she wanted for dinner & make some iced tea. So I tried to beat her to it. I think she appreciated the delivery.

At least, I hope she liked it, that I didn't mess the tea up with too much sugar or anything.

Oh yeah, I also got a new toy to replace my Palm IIIc (which won't turn on any more). A little Sony Clie. Uber cool.
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