March 27th, 2002


(no subject)

Taxes. Yech. Not fun stuff.

Gotta love TurboTax though. Second year I've used it and e-filed. Electronic signature, direct debit, direct deposit... nothing to send in. Just a bunch of paper that I'm supposed to keep. My state requires me to sign a form... and keep it with the rest of my printed documentation. But I don't have to send it in.

I'm an electronic information addict. I'm moving my checking account to a bank that provides OFX service (which lets me download transactions from Quicken) from one that doesn't. (The account I'm closing was sold from Wachovia to another bank to clear regulatory issues in their merger with First Union.)

What would I do without computers, the Internet, and information on demand..

Other than have a non-balanced paper check register, that is. :-)