April 9th, 2002


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Why does Dilbert have to be so close to real life?

The majority of my day was spent dealing with (what I consider to be) the ineptitude of some of my cow-orkers. The written directions obviously weren't good enough for them.

But, then, I was a pain to a coworker as well, as I had my questions to ask. However, they coudln't point to the answers in an already-written place, so I feel I had some legit questions.

My main complaint is that one cow-orker was mixing up type definitions and template classes. We implemented a new template class policy in the codebase to reduce template bloat, and said cow-orker was told to use the new classes instead of the template classes. (The new classes are just fixed implementations of the template class.) He proceeded to replace all of variable definitions from our standard type library (which is a namespace for a bunch of typedef's) with these new class implementations. Code experienced major breakage. I resisted implementing serious breakage on his computer.

I _think_ he understands the terminology now. Hopefully next time he'll ask first before blaming my code update for breaking his code. Argh.