October 27th, 2002


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I am downloading a 1 GB file. That is not a typo.. G B. Thank $DIETY for cable modems!

So... while I wait an hour for a gigabyte of gaming goodness, I thought I'd post. Not that it's anything I've been doing lately, of course. Posting, that is.

Last night, Lis and I went out on a "double-date" of sorts. A friend couple got a sitter for their kids (okay, the kid's grandparents) and just wanted to get out (presumably, away from the kids) and asked us if we'd want to get out. So we did.

A dinner at a Mexican restaurant and browsing the Barnes and Noble. Hopefully we were better behaved than their kids would have been, although somehow I doubt it.

(Lis is reading over my shoulder as I type this and chimes in, "Oh, so we were the kids last night?" Well..... yes. And no. I think we complained a little bit less.)

Anyway... c'est my vie.
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