November 2nd, 2002


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Might as well throw up a post...

Work this week has been neutral. I got some good work done, but left on Friday with the build system broken. We got news that more layoffs are coming, but some reassurance that no one in our building will be hit this time. I was the ultimate curse for ping-pong doubles, but I finally won one after work on Friday.

Someone brought their ping-pong table to work. It's been set up back where our manufacturing lines were, before those tasks were outsourced to a company across town. We're allowed to use it before work, during lunch, and after work. During lunch, a crowd of about 10 or 12 people show up to take turns playing games. After work, sometimes as many as 8 people hang around for 30 minutes to an hour to play some more.

Doubles ping-pong is a bit of excercise, as you have to alternate hits, so it's hit the ball, get out of your partner's way, partner hits the ball, get back in to position to hit the ball again, lots of back-and-forth. And exercise is good. Brian, a co-worker, calls it "Exercise for Engineers." Pretty accurate.

Anyway, watch ESPN2 at 7:30PM tonight (Pitt @ Virginia Tech Hokies), you just might see me! I'll be the little maroon dot in section 510.
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