January 8th, 2003


A Book Report on "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets"

Well... the trailers sucked. Why did they ever add the ads before the previews? As if the previews we're annoying enough, and we needed more pain. The volume always seems way too loud on the ads as well, I guess they take that cue from TV.

Oh, the movie? Yeah, I guess it was good. It had some funny parts, it had some silly parts. It was nice just sitting there with lisana in the mostly-empty and completely childless theatre to enjoy the movie. Even if the total was $15.00 for admission and $4.00 for the drink we shared. So... cheap matinee being annoying with kids or expensive evening in an empty theater... hmmm... hard choice! :^)

Anyway I think it's bedtime for me now.
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