March 11th, 2003


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Okay, so from yesterday:

Other things to accomplish today:

  • Go to Budget, buy more boxes (this scrounging box stuff sucks) Scrounge more boxes.

  • Call Paul & Bill (two of my references) and tell them that I got the job (which I should have done a week ago)

  • Deposit rebate check before it expires.

  • Use or give away Fuddrucker's gift certificate (good at local location only).

  • Carry even more stuff to dumpster.

  • Do even more packing.

  • Call utilities to arrange service turn-off.

  • Last night, I packed up the receiver & speakers myself, lisana took care of some of her cross-stitch stuff, and we sorta worked out a battle plan for today. My mom & sister are coming to visit today, to take away some stuff that we want rid of but they want, and to carry away more "future yard sale" junk. My mom is also going to help Lisana pack up more stuff; I'm hoping they can finish off the kitchen and maybe get some of the bedroom done. We're going to start living off of the "travel supplies" so that we can pack up the master bathroom.

    I also need to call the apartment complex and figure out what they want to do for "move-out" and if my Mom can do it for me so I can hit the road Sunday instead of waiting for Monday. Actually, I think I'll do that right now...
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    Fuck Airborne Express. Their delivery people, anyway.

    We had a package shipped to us, for delivery today. lisana was home, ready to answer the door for the package. But I just tracked it online, and guess what? They delivered it to the apartment complex office! Didn't even come to our door and knock!

    Bastards! Fucking Bastards! Fucking Retarded Bastards!

    This is, what, the third time in a row that they did this? Oh, and of course the office can't decline delivery of our package, because it'd be too much work. Boo hoo. We're paying you HOW MUCH for this place? It's significantly more than the local average, I'll say that much. And you can't take the time to say, "Oh, 3349 #2, sorry, can't sign for them." Fuckers. It's called a little list of addresses on the walls, and just check the address of all the packages, how long could that take? 5 seconds per package?

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    Destruction Update

    Well, my desktop computer is disassembled, and the parts are mostly packed away. Still don't know what I'll do with the main case or monitor, but they're large enough that packing them into boxes doesn't make a lot of sense.

    It's just hard now to know what to pack. We really just need to go through everything and pack everything, and just deal with not having everything out. That'll probably be the mantra for tomorrow's packing.
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