April 7th, 2003


It was to have been a D&D night...

but D&D wasn't really what happened. Yes, there were people playing D&D, but there were a bunch of new people, and given the drama I had manufactured for myself the previous day, it all just sorta overwhelmed me. Fortunately lisana and babyraver were more than happy to come chill with me in a calmer setting. I didn't participate much in the conversation, but it really made me peaceful & happy to hear my baby Lis and my uber-net-now-real-life-friend babyraver just talking. At one time I was concerned about how they'd get along, but all is good in the world.

Things really are working out well... I think something that Lis & I didn't have in VA that would've been wonderful is a "friend couple"... just another couple that we can go chill with who we don't have to worry about being huggy/touchy around because we know they could (and do!) do it too. Very nice. ^_^

Of course... I stayed at the D&D pad faaaaaar toooooo laaaaaaate for my mental state to be alert enough to drive home safely. So we crashed there, and I'll just be a tad later for work today while I wait for the freeways to calm down some.
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