April 11th, 2003


Another Week Done...

Oh, joy, was work fun today. I had two design documents to finish up today, but it was limited just to making updates from the first review.

However, I got in to work at 9am, planning to stay until 6pm. The reviewer didn't get in until about 11am, and so didn't get the first reviewed document back to me until 1pm. Lunch was at 1:30, and it went until 3:00 (long lunch!). Then we had our engineering meeting, and then my boss pulled me aside for a little instruction on coding standards... and so I got back to updating specs around 5pm.

And then I had the other spec review back as well... and I needed to finish the updates before I left! Shit! Crap! Fuck! Damn! And several other bad words! I was there until 7pm, but I got it all sorted. *sigh*

Okay, so for dinner, lisana and I decided to try I Love Sushi, a Japanese restaurant that is right next to our apartment complex. She had shrimp tempura udon (which was just shrimp tempura served with udon in soup, and not some weird fried-stuff-in-noodles that I had envisioned), and I had a combination platter of chicken katsu and california rolls.

Considering that her dinner included salad, and mine included soup and salad, we had more food than we could finish! But it was all good, so I know we'll be going back again! It seems to be a rather busy place, at least on Friday nights. And from what I can tell, there are quite a few people of significant Japanese heritage working there, although I don't know who the chefs are. The three Sushi chefs I saw, however, all "looked" of Japanese heritage; but I know I'm terrible at calling these things at times, so don't take it as gospel people.

I was comparing it to Sake House, the local Japanese restaurant back in Virginia. Lis appreciated I Love Sushi's iced tea; I thought Sake House had a better katsu sauce (SH's is a bit sweeter that ILS's).

As we were leaving, I saw a posting on the wall of I Love Sushi: all cars are towed from their parking lot at 2am. Therefore I'm not going to be suggesting anyone use their parking lot when coming to visit us! Of course, they have a note to tell the management (at I Love Sushi) if you need to leave your car overnight so it won't be towed. So I guess if you come to visit and go to ILS and get the driver plastered with some alcohol, you might be able to get a free night's parking with your bar tab.

Okay, so then we went to Triangle Square (Pentagon Hexagon...) to see what movies were playing at the theatre. Nothing really looked appealing, but we stopped to look around at the stores anyway. We went by the box office and I looked over the movies again; Anger Management could be interesting (Sandler and Nicholson, what a combination), but it wasn't worth $9 a head to give it a shot. Maybe when I can get it from Netflix!

We did head into the Barnes & Noble at Triangle Square, and we found the next installment of the Chobits translated manga (book 3 of 5). Lis has been going through them, whereas I haven't even finished watching the anime! It's weird though, Sumomo is called Plum in the translated manga... and I bet in the American version of the DVDs.

We headed home, and now I'm here. Not a bad day, even if I did spend an hour longer at work (although only 30 extra minutes, technically) than I had planned. Just time to relax, decompress, and watch some TV. Ah, the weekend!
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