April 20th, 2003


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Ah, the joy of Windows. I tried to install Freelancer this evening, and it did install just fine. But when I tried to run it, a ton of the menus were displaying XML code instead of the text that I've seen them display on other computers. I had tried to install another XML thing on my computer a while back, and it too could only display the XML source.

I knew there were enough other "odd" things on my computer, but that sent me over the edge. I ripped it all away and reinstalled Windows XP this evening. I considered rolling back to Windows 2000 (as two of my very good friends have confirmed that the games I like work under it), but my Win2K install disc is an "upgrade" and I couldn't find an older version to use as the "upgrade" source.

Anyway... getting things back together. Hooray. *sigh* Going to be annoying for a few days, but most of the "important" things are also set up on the laptop, which should make it not that bad.
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