April 24th, 2003


A completely random & pointless post...

So yesterday for lunch, I went off by myself to give In and Out a try. I must say that I was quite surprised at the basic menu they have. Burger, cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, fries (one size!) and drinks. Wow. A burger joint that's not trying to serve a tofu burger wrap with gourmet cheese. And in California, no less!

Anyway, after finishing my most excellent burger & fries, I decided to stop at the nearby Circuit City, as I have been in need of another UPS (no, not the delivery company) for my computers. However, they didn't have the model I was looking for, but I passed by the CDs on the way out.

Temptation. Oh, how easily I give in to thee. So I picked up a dance-mix double-CD from the endcap, because I am seriously lacking in music at work. And then I found the general dance/techno section, and found another double-disc trance set, so I got that too.

So I am coding & documenting to a trance soundtrack this morning. I might just have to cave in an Kazaa more of this stuff again.

When I wiped my computer... well... most of the stuff I grabbed off of Kazaa was still on the hard drive, which got wiped. *sigh* Some of it had been copied elsewhere, but most of it is gone. Well, it's Kazaa, I can download it all again, right? ^_^
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Ah, I feel like I accomplished something. Because I did. Another round of bills taken care of--including what should be the last of the Roanoke bills! Hooray!

But, in the middle, I realized that my brain doesn't operate normally. One address I ran across was "One Penns Way", and I thought, one-way penis? ^_^
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