May 1st, 2003


"We're all creative people..."

So there was a meeting with the new CEO today. I can't help but like the guy, which I guess is why he is a CEO. He has some good little quips; I wonder what book they came from...

There were several others that I should have written down. ^_^ But I remember...

"We're here because we want to have fun. When it's not fun, it becomes work. Work is not what we enjoy doing."

I don't know how much this applies to professional life (personally, I don't think any job is 100% fun), but in my personal life, it should be true. There's fun, and then there is work. So fun is anything that isn't work. It could mean so much to me, I think...

"We're all creative people. If we don't have information coming to us, we'll just make assumptions and build a world that we assume is happening."

This is what I am so guilty of. If I don't hear from people, have contact with people, I start making assumptions. I make assumptions, mostly incorrect ones, and build the world around it. In some ways, I guess the assumptions explain who I am and what my bias is. And what my insecurities are.
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