May 4th, 2003


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Today was quite the spur-of-the-moment kind of day...

It started with Dee mentioning Mimi's Cafe for breakfast. (She had gone to one last Monday, and I guess had an itch to try them again.) We grabbed the Sunday paper from the front of our apartment, hopped in the car, and headed to Mimi's. Dee was concerned that there might have been a wait, but we took an outside table and had no wait at all! (The reason she was worried about a potential wait is that we started getting ready around 9:30am, and then my mom & sister called and derailed me for 35 minutes.)

So while we ordered, waited for food, ate, and paid the check, we browsed through the Sunday ads. I pulled out my "most wanted" list of CompUSA, Circuit City, and Best Buy, and also pulled Michael's and Target (and the LA Times Magazine and its included crossword) for Dee. Of course, we've been running low on server disk space for a while now, and the $80 after all rebates for 120GB of storage was too good, so we had to swing by Circuit City.

Another description for us is "too impulsive." We left CC with a 120GB hard drive, a new USB hub for Dee, and three new CD's. And I was looking at a freeway (the I-5) heading south. And I was feeling like driving. Heh. San Diego!!!

So we ventured south to San Diego without any plan at all in our heads. Eventually, I realized we should have a map or turn around. So we hit a random freeway exit, found a Rite Aid, bouth a quickie folding map (laminated, even!) and two single scoops of ice cream -- malted chocolate crunch for Dee, and vanilla for me. Last night, the malted chocolate crunch was wonderful, but today is was overpowering; I think the difference is due to what I had running through my system last night ^_^.

Anyway, a brief map in hand, we continued south towards San Diego. An IKEA off the freeway (by the baseball staduim) caught my eye, so we ventured there. We haven't hit up an IKEA yet in our time out here, despite driving by one every time we go up to Studio City.

Remember how I said we were too impulsive? Well, guess what! heh!

I got a new chopping knife for the kitchen, a set of plastic tongs that I think will help out in making chicken strips. We also found a lamp that we think will add some much-needed light to the computer area. Dee also picked up two nice little cups that should be good for ice cream or maybe even soup.

We headed back up to Costa Mesa, taking the 73 toll road so that I could show off the view of the ocean & the valley to Dee as we came back down from the hills, but I realized that it is a much cooler sight at night. We headed to Westminster Mall to find some dinner, but found nothing. We reversed course to South Coast Plaza, and had dinner. Now we're home, catching up, and I've got to decide how I'm going to stitch 120GB of storage into my server... Heh heh heh....
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And another thing...

Traffic in San Diego is more annoying than traffic in the LA area. Not that there's more traffic down there, but that the drivers are that much more stupid. o.O And the road signage isn't as nicely done down that way.

Besides... what's with calling them "ramp signals?" They're traffic meters, damnit! ^_^
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