September 14th, 2003


Weekend Recap

Yesterday (Saturday) was the appointed "group birthday bash". Little did I realize just how many early September birthdays there are... Dee, Adam, Brian, Bill, and two more. Wow. There was cake a-plenty, in carrot, chocolate, and some white form the flavor of which I do not know. The carrot cake was pretty darn good, and the chocolate was made by me so I'm a bit biased. Adam & Bill, if I have the story correct, worked together on the other two cakes, making them extra-special. And I had my plain, ordinary cake, which had its own fans. :-)

We headed down to the Farmer's Market for dinner, arriving just a little too close to "closing" for some people I guess, so we all at at Johnny Rocket's instead. I think we set a record for number of people crammed in a corner booth, but it was really fun. :-) There had been plans to do karaoke, but it was a bit fullish so we just landed back at Adam's pad.

Oh yeah, and his neighbors happened to be having a party last night too, so there was some inter-mingling. Hehehehe... I never did go over to their place though, maybe some other time.

Oh, and our air bed appears to have developed a rather significant leak. *pout* I shall have to haul it in and see if I can find the problem.

This morning we cleaned a few things up at Adam & Kim's (hopefully we didn't do anything too terribly stupid in our attempts at cleaning! ^_^) and headed out. We stopped at a bunch of places on the way home, getting here around 4ish I think. And then we went back out later for groceries and a little dinner.

In the meantime, it appears something has gone wrong with my laptop. The hard drive seems to become completely inaccessible at times (as in not even the BIOS can see the damn thing), so at the moment I have a big paperweight for a laptop. The question that I can't answer is if it's a hard drive failure or a motherboard/controller failure. If it's a drive failure, I can just go buy a new hard drive for it. If it's the board, though, the computer's a while out of it's warranty and I probably don't want to know how much it'd be to have it fixed.

But in our travels around today, I finally collapsed and bought a Game Boy Player for the GameCube. It's a neat little thing, and Dee's over playing games on it right now. Spyro: Season of Ice to be exact: the Game Boy controls just sucked for that game, but now with the WaveBird analog stick (which works with the game, well, at least for pointing not really for anything really analog :^) it seems to be a bit easier to deal with. Hoorah!
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