September 22nd, 2003


Idiot Drivers

Frell. I had two encounters with idiots this morning. Episode the first: waiting to turn right onto Harbor Blvd. At this poing, you can't turn left. Since I want to turn into the right-most lane, I left some space between my car and the curb so I could turn just into the right-most lane. I have my right-turn blinker on. Then a woman driving an SUV pulls between me and the curb to turn right. FUCK THAT. Lay on horn. Woman turns around, and I point that I'm turning left. She shakes her head, then PULLS FORWARD. God, it still gets me angry.

And then on the 405 coming to work, in the #2 lane. Trucks aren't suppsed to be in the #1 or #2 lanes. So I'm crusing, passing trucks that are in the 3 and 4 lanes. And then what? Some slow-poke truck pulls out in front of me to pass another slow-poke truck. Into the #2 lane where they aren't supposed to be. Where are the damn cops when you need them? Fortunately it wasn't anything close to dangerous, but I couldn't change lanes; I had to slow down to the truck's speed (55). DAMN FUCKIN' TRUCKIN' IDIOT.

And that was my wonderful Monday morning encouter with traffic idiots.
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