November 25th, 2003


An Apple a Day Can Get You Pissed Off...

So I get an IM from Dee this morning, saying that Airborne Express delivered a letter to me. A letter?! So I ask her to open it, and then call home to talk about it...

So Apple sent me a letter about returning my defective product for replacement, and included a FedEx label to use for the return. This is not good. Not good at all.

So I call Apple, quite unhappy about this. I get through to Customer Relations, and reference my case. I tell them that I've received a letter about returning my product when I was expecting a replacement today. The customer service rep said the letter was, "sent in error," and could I hold while he looked something up. Sure, why not, it seems that waiting is the only thing involved in Apple customer care.

So he comes back and verifies that the unit replacement order was processed yesterday, and that the package (being shipped via FedEx) was scheduled for delivery today by 3pm. He even provided the tracking number for the shipment. So while they kicked out the wrong letter to me, it does appear that I will have a notebook again this afternoon. Hopefully...

You don't think they could've just sent a battery by "mistake," could you? *smirk*
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Dee reports that I have a box waiting for me at home. The box is reportedly laptop-sized and laptop-shaped. (Since I originally bought the iBook via delivery, I take these to be reasonable observations.) Hopefully I shall be iBook'n again this evening...
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