December 20th, 2003


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Around 6pm last night, while I was still at work, a co-worker came by and told me I should go home. I was offended by this at first. I figured he was relaying an order from Mr. Director, who was unpleased with something I had done. So I ignored him, and finished up what I was working on. I left work around 7pm, but I asked the co-worker about it before I left. Basically, he said that I didn't look very good. Ah. Well at least I don't feel too bad about it anymore.

Anyway, I headed home (stopping along the way for some pre-made foodstuffs for dinner) and checked my temperature. 101.1°F. Ouchie. I don't know how much of the day I had spent at work with a fever. Tylenol to the rescue...

This morning, everything's clocking in around 98.6°F. And the Tylenol should be pretty much out of my system, I last took it around Midnight last night. So I don't know if my body has miraculously fended off the flu rather quickly, or if I have simply passed through the first wave. Of course, I'm hoping for the former, not the latter.
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Giving The Presents They Want The Most

I don't know why I didn't just wrap this up into the previous entry, but I guess it's different subjects completely. Oh, and I didn't think to post about it until I had already submitted the last one. But I digress...

My mom had been hoping that I'd go home for Christmas, but when she asked about it I said I wasn't sure where the Hokies may be going for a bowl game, and that if it was out this way I wanted to go to it. Lo and behold, the late-season swoon of Virginia Tech happened again, and they're bowling in Phoenix the day after Christmas. So I won't be in West Virginia for Christmas, but instead I'll be on the road to Phoenix, and come back on Saturday.

I also have the week of Dec. 29 - Jan. 2 off from work, so I started looking at airfares home, expecting them to be terribly unreasonable. It turned out that I was a bit wrong. I found a fare leaving here on the 29th and returning home on New Year's Day for a touch under $300. (Considering that this is a cross-country flight into a rather small-ish airport, I think this is a good deal.)

So I booked a flight home for a few days after Christmas, and my Mom is happy that she's getting what she wants for Christmas, even if it'll be a bit late. Dee's going to stay here, partially because of the terribly cold weather that awaits in WV, and partially because she always gets run down after a trip, and we'll just be getting back from Phoenix.

Depending on the weather while I'm there, I might head back to Roanoke and say "Hi" to a few people. But the weather needs to be a lot better than what they were telling me about today. It's been snowing pretty much non-stop for the past 3 days. My sister still lives at home, but works about 45 minutes away. She had to get a hotel near where she works, because she couldn't drive home safely after work last night. (At least, this is how I understand it as relayed by my parents.)

(If I had about twice as many frequent-flyer miles, I might have been able to get the flight for free... but it would've meant flying from LAX. Ouch.)
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Someone At CBS Should Die...

So, while watching football this afternoon I noticed that CBS was advertising a Robbie the Reindeer special tonight. I picked up a DVD of the original animation, "Hooves of Fire." Recently, I have seen a new DVD in the stores with the original short and a new one titled "The Lost Tribe."

Dee and I started watching it, and the pacing of things just seemed wrong. Solution? Fire up the DVD in the laptop & pace it to the TV to compare the two. First off, the original "Hooves of Fire" was widescreen, and they did a really bad job of cutting it to 4x3. I mean, terrible. There are places were a very good & funny part of the frame was cut out. Haven't we progressed to the point where letterboxing would be accepted on television?

Secondly, they cut several parts of scenes from "Hooves of Fire." Most of them weren't critical to the story, well except for one. They introduce three characters in a cut scene (The Three Ten-Tonners), who then appear in a later scene. Since they weren't introduced, I think it's just odd that these three large walruses are there in the later scene. Call me a movie bigot. ;-)

And finally, they RE-RECORDED ALL THE VOICES! I mean... Ben Stiller? Britney Spears? Jerry Stiller? Ack! I miss the good British voicing! There's just an inflection that's missing in the American actor's work. And Britney... *shudder* Blasphemy!

So now I'm left wondering if the new DVD in stores has this Americanization of the movies, or if it contains a real, honest original version of "The Lost Tribe." I don't think I'm going to spend my money finding out. :^)
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